Q?What should I bring with me on the ride?

Your ride will take you through many different geographic regions of Washington as well as climate zones.  Your cycling attire should accommodate “chilly” weather as well as “very warm” weather.  Also, since you will be crossing a major mountain pass be sure and take some rain gear with you as well!

Although we will provide showers every evening we will NOT be supplying bath towels.  Be sure to bring one with you!

Q?Is RedSpoke a race?

No! The 300 mile ride takes bicyclists through amazing scenery as they pass over the Cascade Mountains, along river canyons and through rolling wheat fields. The ride is recreational, meaning riders go at their own pace with a goal of enjoying themselves and stopping as they wish to enjoy the beauty of Washington state.

Q?I have important dietary concerns. What do I do?

Tell someone on the RedSpoke committee immediately. If you have already registered for the ride, you can email info@redspoke.org and let us know about your dietary needs. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. The sooner we know about them, the better we will be able to provide foods that are suitable to you.

Q?Will medical services be provided?

No! The RedSpoke team will be watching riders carefully but we are not responsible for individual medical needs. Please let people know if you have special needs and take responsibility for them.

Q?How about sunscreen?

Wear it! Eastern Washington can be very sunny and hot. We typically have sunscreen and other first aid items available at our sag stops but are not guaranteeing that they will be available.

Q?Is alcohol allowed on the ride?

Adults of drinking age can of course partake of alcohol at their discretion and liability. RedSpoke expects that any riders consuming alcohol during the 5 day ride will respect all laws regarding the consumption of alcohol and most importantly DO NOT CONSUME ALCOHOL OR DISPOSE OF ALCOHOL CONTAINERS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS when we are staying at a school for the night.