Day 4 – Coulee City to Davenport

Coulee City to Davenport – 61 miles OR

Coulee City to Davenport via Electric City (Optional Loop) – 82 miles

Day four offers two route options. The first follows Highway 2 over rolling hills to the city of Davenport. It is a fairly easy ride with no major hills. You will coast into town around noon to relax and enjoy the small town hospitality. You will feel like king or queen when the “Pioneer Days” royal court serves you dinner.

The other option follows a loop that leaves Highway 2 to the north just outside of Coulee City, following Banks Lake to Electric City (near Grand Coulee Dam) and then rejoins Highway 2 at Wilbur.

img_3143You may choose to add the Electric City loop for an 82 mile day or stick with the direct route for a 61 mile ride.





Day 4 map

Day 4 map


Day 4 elevation

Day 4 elevation – main route only