Rider Reviews

I had never ridden more than 20 miles until I decided to train for Redspoke. It is so well supported, it was the perfect first ride!

Mary S / Washington

Thank you, I received my jersey and my wind jacket and they are awesome! I really had a good experience on the ride and want to thank the Rotary once again for such a well-run event.

Sandy S - 2014 rider /

RedSpoke is a ride to remember.  The rider support is exceptional and the scenery is outstanding.  This is not a “mega-ride” with hundreds of riders so camaraderie is a special part of each day, and it has the right amount of challenge to make the ride interesting.

Tim K. / Washington

RedSpoke has everything a rider wants in a supported tour. A scenic route full of different beauty everyday. Great support and wonderful, friendly people that come together to raise money for others in need.  Thank you Redmond Rotary!

Katie S. / Washington

Redspoke.  A multi-day group ride like no other.  The Redmond Rotarians somehow manage to handle the daunting logistics of this event in a way that makes it look easy.  Redspoke is a much more intimate ride than Cycle Oregon, so you get to know your fellow riders in a way that the bigger rides don’t permit.  The consistency of the route year-to-year allows you to find delight in observing the subtle and not-so-subtle changes that happen over time.  Some rides are entirely rural.  Not Redspoke.  They take you from the suburbs of Seattle through an almost-ghost-town to the best salmon dinner you’ve ever had on the shores of the Columbia.  Then you get to enjoy a seven-mile, 7-percent climb to the top of the Columbia plateau, where you’ll discover whether or not a headwind or a tailwind will accompany your ride through wheat country.  It’s a study in contrasts, and always an entertaining experience, especially if Mongo is along for the ride.  Redspoke almost makes me wish I hadn’t moved back to Texas.  Until January rolls around and it’s 70 degrees and not raining.  Highly recommended!

Mitch S. / Texas